A psychogeographical experience in a limited space
Journey ARound my RooM
The current context of a worldwide pandemic has affected the dynamism of everyday life, with one of the more visible aspects of the change being the reduction, or even stopping of people’s movement. This cessation of movement has led to a different kind of perception, greater attention to detail, a greater degree of sensitivity in recalling past experiences. In this new environment, I too have had new experiences, a kind of Proust's madeleine, meaning sensations-images that triggered my memories. 
Quarantine forced me to remain a prisoner between the 4 walls of my room, but it gave me the daily opportunity to focus on various objects in the spaces of my house, otherwise little perceived in the moments of dynamic life. Every element of the house began to evoke memories of past travel experiences. Every day I began to travel around my room, like Xavier de Maistre, a prisoner like me in a limited space. Having gained a different perception of space, I began to look at the objects around me as triggers for memories. I will exemplify this experience of the memory of movement through 8 visual examples that represent the objects in my room with links to the most special memories, the real gates to the outside. The visitor of my virtual room can take a tour of the room and can access these objects at will. 
I invite you to experience my journey around the room.